22 Jan 2013

Forestry offers careers for young Maori - Brown

8:30 pm on 22 January 2013

Gisborne iwi collective Turanganui-a-kiwa says there's a challenge for young Maori in the region who are interested in working in the forestry sector.

Collective deputy chair Pene Brown says the industry is already playing an important role in boosting the economy, and greater mechanisation provides opportunities for Maori to move up the forestry employment ladder.

He says the challenge is to be better skilled, and exchange the axe and chainsaw for being behind the wheel of the $350,000 machines which work in the forest.

Mr Brown says there is no reason why having an ownership stake in the machines can't also be a goal.

There are a variety of forestry training opportunities which young Maori can take advantage of, including courses at Te Wananga Aotearoa, he says.