23 Jan 2013

How treaty settlement will be spent undecided - iwi trust

7:10 pm on 23 January 2013

The Taranaki Iwi Trust says no decision has yet been made as to how the $70 million which the Crown has offered to settle the tribe's treaty claim, will be spent.

The iwi, which was one of three in Taranaki to sign a provisional agreement with Treaty Settlements Minister Chris Finlayson just before Christmas, expects a final deed of settlement some time this year.

Trust general manager Liana Poutu says members of the iwi will be consulted before a decision is made as to what will be done with any money.

She says treaty settlements by the Crown with other iwi, provide a good guide as to what the Taranaki tribe might do with money it receives.

Ms Poutu says the focus will be what is best for its people, but specific details can only be decided on after the trust has gone through a consultation process.