25 Jan 2013

Maori culture in the prevention of Maori suicide

7:37 pm on 25 January 2013

Cultural matters will be explored in a series of seminars to help people learn how to prevent suicide among Maori.

The interactive online seminars - commonly known as "webinars" - will be hosted by the Mental Health Foundation in collaboration with Wellington's Victoria University.

The first of three will be broadcast on the webpage, www.spinz.org.nz, on 29 January.

Mental Health Foundation chief executive Judi Clements says they'll give people the opportunity to learn, discuss and raise issues about Maori suicide.

She says one topic will be how Maori culture can help a person who is at risk.

Ms Clements says whanau can help by talking to that person and talking about their whakapapa.

She says it can help an at-risk person find strength and meaning as well as giving them a sense of acceptance and feeling that they're not alone in the world.

The webinars will also broadcast in February and March.