29 Jan 2013

Seminar hears shift in focus needed on suicide prevention

7:45 pm on 29 January 2013

A lecturer in Maori Health at Otago University's Wellington campus says that there needs to be a shift in focus regarding Maori suicide..

Dr Keri Lawson -Te Aho was the guest speaker at the first of three online seminars hosted by the Mental Health Foundation on Tuesday.

The seminars will examine Maori suicide from an indigenous perspective and she says a Maori-centred approach to suicide prevention is critical.

Dr Lawson-Te Aho says the issue has to be looked at based on Maori world views, knowledge and values.

She says such an approach will change the way health professionals design interventions and how they think about Maori suicide prevention - which can lead to more effective strategies.

Dr Lawson-Te Aho says Maori health professionals who have tried using the mainstream way of preventing suicide, have found it doesn't work.