30 Jan 2013

Iwi trust to work with Govt to insulate more homes

7:32 pm on 30 January 2013

A Whanganui iwi trust says the Government is backing regional housing initiatives such as what Te Atihau Trust is doing to insulate their shareholder's properties.

The trust is about to embark on a project to insulate 60 of its beneficiaries' homes in the Whanganui region in the next year.

It follows a pilot project in the last 12 months where 40 properties were insulated at a cost of $76,500.

Trust chairman Toni Waho says the government subsidy for housing initiatives is about to close and they will put a case together to get additional funding.

He says the Government supports these kinds of ventures and Te Atihau Trust is sending a trustee to participate in the National Maori Housing Group - Te Matapihi - which has a relationship with Community Housing Aotearoa.

Mr Waho says the Minister of Housing and the Social Housing Unit are keen to see regional development plans happening, and Whanganui iwi is putting a plan together to get more of their beneficiaries' homes insulated.

Te Atihau Trust is part of a collective of the Whanganui Housing Forum which is utilising the trust's funds for social welfare projects such as home insulations - which has been identified as being an urgent need.