4 Feb 2013

NZ flood families denied help

11:01 pm on 4 February 2013

Some Maori families in south east Queensland are struggling after being hit hard by the floods and severe storms last week.

Logan City, between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, was affected by intense storms causing power cuts for three days.

Natasha Reo-Hughes, of Te Atihau descent, moved there 13 years ago. She says the loss of power meant all of their frozen food has gone to waste and the flooding has caused property damage.

Ms Reo-Hughes says the Australian government is helping families who have suffered any food losses or property damage but that assistance is being denied to New Zealanders and other foreigners because they are not citizens.

She says even though she told the government agency that she has been living there for quite some time, they told her because she is not a citizen her family has been classified as a "low priority".

Ms Reo-Hughes says like all other people who live and work in Australia they are taxpayers too and she feels entitled to get financial aid.