13 Feb 2013

Spectrum delays affect Maori claimants

7:51 am on 13 February 2013

A radio spectrum claimant says the Government's holding up Maori development by dragging out a decision on what share Treaty partners should get.

The 700 megahertz broadcasting spectrum - due to be released and possibly auctioned off by the Crown - will be used for fourth generation mobile phone technology.

Claimants want the Government to set aside a portion for them.

A member of the Maori Spectrum Coalition Group, Graeme Everton, was expecting ministers to make a decision at the beginning of the week but that didn't happen.

He says it is critical the Government makes a decision, because without one Maori can't make communication plans.

Mr Everton says that because claimants are unable to give an idea on what direction they want to go, the Maori stake in the mobile phone company 2degrees may potentially suffer.