14 Feb 2013

Kaumatua says MP's comments blatantly racist

7:02 pm on 14 February 2013

A prominent Wellington kaumatua says New Zealand First MP Richard Prosser's description of young Muslim men was blatantly racist.

Mr Prosser has apologised for the column in which he calls for all young Muslim men to be banned from Western airlines.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says he has had a long talk with Mr Prosser, that it's an in-house matter for his party - and has been dealt with.

But a kaumatua in Wellington, Peter Love, says Mr Prosser should have been told off publicly by Mr Peters.

He says Mr Prosser was wrong to imply that all Muslims are terrorists, as there are extremists in all societies and religions.

Peter Love is a trustee of the Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust.