20 Feb 2013

Trust supports Lake Rotorua MoU

7:45 pm on 20 February 2013

Te Arawa Lakes Trust says it fully supports an agreement which will speed up the reduction of nutrients entering Lake Rotorua.

Earlier this week Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Federated Farmers and the Lake Rotorua Primary Producers Collective, signed a memorandum of understanding which will see them work collectively to achieve a sustainable level of nitrogen in the lake by 2032.

Trust chairman Toby Curtis saysbecause Maori own many of the farms in the region, they have a vested interest in cleaning up Lake Rotorua.

He says giving farmers 20 years to change their farming practices does seem a long time, but it's better than nothing.

Mr Curtis says originally there was talk of giving sheep and cattle and dairy farmers more than 80 years to reduce the runoff of nutrients from their properties, but fortunately sense has prevailed.

He says many Maori farmers near the lake have already modified they way they farm.