1 Mar 2013

Editor hopes someone will keep Maori magazine alive

12:42 pm on 1 March 2013

The outgoing editor of a Maori lifestyle magazine hopes other people will take up the initiative and keep the publication alive.

TU MAI was launched in 1999 and moved to an entirely digital format in 2010.

The publication is now closing but founder and publisher Ata Te Kanawa says because there is a captive online readership, the opportunity is there for someone else to keep the magazine going.

She said she would like to think that members of the Maori community or people who are enthusiastic about online indigenous magazines will consider keeping TU MAI alive in some shape or form.

Ms Te Kanawa says her interests in other areas have intensified and demand more time, resources and energy.

She says TU MAI has the potential to develop even further and it needs someone who is dedicated and will bring new ideas and more resources.