26 Mar 2013

Chile wants to build relationship between Mapuche, Maori

9:11 am on 26 March 2013

The Chilean Government wants to strengthen the relationship between its indigenous Mapuche people and Maori, especially in the tourism sector.

Chile's Economy, Development and Tourism Minister Pablo Longueira is visiting New Zealand this week after being invited here by Prime Minister John Key during his recent Latin America trip.

Mr Longueira is interested in talking to Maori tourism operators and to gain ideas from the Maori economic development model to lift up the Mapuche people, including tourism initiatives and their role in promoting Chile.

Federation of Maori Authorities chairperson Traci Houpapa, who was also part of the Latin American trip, says the Chilean Government seems genuine in its desire to develop better links between the Mapuche people and Maori.