2 Apr 2013

Karakia said for rain on farm

8:32 pm on 2 April 2013

A Maori-owned and operated farm near Taumarunui is praying for more rain to ease drought pressures.

Maori farming operations across the North Island have struggled to cope with the extraordinary drought conditions over the last three months.

In Taranaki, the drought has caused PKW - Fonterra's largest milk supplier in the region - to lose $1.5 million in revenue.

Atihau-Whanganui, a Maori-owned farming corporation based near Taumarunui, has also suffered from extended drought.

It has had to sell off some of its stock early at lower weights including some valuable breeding stock.

Upoko B2, also near Taumarunui, is also suffering.

Traci Houpapa, the chairperson of Te Uranga B2 Incorporation which owns Upoko B2, says like other farms affected by the drought, it is doing what it can.

She says it has sold stock and looked for supplementary feed.

Ms Houpapa says there has been some rain but more is needed so a few karakia or prayers have been said at the farm.

Upoko B2 has been named one of the three finalists in this year's Ahuwhenua Trophy BNZ Maori Excellence.