4 Apr 2013

Maori prison rehabilitation programmes not Maori enough

8:18 am on 4 April 2013

A co-author of the Maori rehabilitation programme in prison says less than half of the mahi (work) is kaupapa Maori and that needs to change.

Hinewirangi Kohu-Morgan helped write the Mauri Tu Pae programme which is running in the five Maori Focus Units around the country.

She says past courses were basically Pakeha programmes with a few Maori words.

Ms Kohu-Morgan says they have managed to base about 40% of the new content on Maori values and tikanga, but that's not enough.

She says there is a power play going on with the Corrections Department about who has more authority over the rehabilitation of the Maori men.

Ms Kohu-Morgan says Maori know how to best deal with Maori and they should have more control to do so.