15 Apr 2013

New Zealanders warned of risks of moving to Australia

7:08 pm on 15 April 2013

An expert on Maori migration is warning New Zealanders against moving to Australia before they know what benefits and services they are entitled to.

Victoria University researcher Paul Hamer, is investigating how Maori living in Australia have been affected by law changes that took place in 2001, heavily restricting New Zealanders' access to Government help.

He is also looking at why Maori return to this country from across the Tasman.

Mr Hamer says it is unlikely the Australian government will change these laws after the September elections and Maori need to have a plan in place before they cross the Tasman.

He says it is clear many people still leave Aotearoa without knowing what they will be entitled to.

Mr Hamer says some migrants know they will not be eligible for unemployment and other benefits, but incorrectly assume their children will be.