21 Apr 2013

Unhealthy homes must be addressed - GP

10:05 am on 21 April 2013

A Far North GP says the issue of Maori living in cold, damp houses needs to be addressed, especially for the sake of children's health.

The Perceptions of Housing Quality in 2010-2011 survey was released by Statistics New Zealand this week.

Among its results, it shows that 21% of Maori find their home too cold and 17% say their home is too damp.

Dr Lance O'Sullivan says the report is a reflection of what he sees in the medical clinics and in his Northland community.

He says living in those kinds of environments drives health conditions such as respiratory problems, which are becoming more prevalent.

Dr O'Sullivan it's not the first time such a report has been put out, but Government is not coming up with proper solutions.