30 Apr 2013

Te Arawa elders consider new tribal flag

6:38 am on 30 April 2013

Te Arawa elders are considering whether to create a new tribal flag to fly on Waitangi Day.

Since 2011, iwi and hapu members have been trying to decide on one flag to represent Te Arawa from the flags of its 80 hapu.

In 2012, they suggested handing the responsibility for the decision to a committee of kaumatua, Te Pukenga Koeke o Te Arawa.

The committee's chairperson, Arama Pirika, says each hapu has its own flag, but the iwi doesn't have a unified tribal flag and he has asked Te Arawa Lakes Trust for help.

Mr Pirika says unlike most flags representing Te Arawa hapu, the new one may not feature a Crown insignia, but iwi members will have the final say.