5 May 2013

Friend offers to write Horomia's biography

8:07 pm on 5 May 2013

One of Parekura Horomia's friends has offered to write a book about the former Maori Affairs Minister.

The Labour Party MP was buried at Kohimarama cemetery on Saturday, following his tangi at the nearby, Hauiti Marae in Tolaga Bay, north of Gisborne.

During his funeral service, former Ministry of Maori Development chief executive Sir Harawira Gardiner recalled a conversation he had with Mr Horomia last year and made a commitment to his three sons.

"And he said we can write that book now chief, I said what do you mean, what book? He said the one you were going to write in 2006. I said it's too late man!"

But Sir Harawira then told Mr Horomia's sons that if he is able to assemble the information in the next 12 months he would be very happy to write their father's book.

Parekura Horomia died last Monday at the age of 62.