20 May 2013

Healthy eating campaign targets Te Karaka

7:12 am on 20 May 2013

The people of the small community of Te Karaka near Gisborne are being invited to learn more about cooking healthy and nutritious meals.

Turanga Health will be bringing in local identities to take part in a 'cook off' to promote healthy eating, and give menu plans and ideas for eating more vegetables and avoiding fatty meat cuts.

Dwayne Tamatea from Turanga Health says they will be welcoming whanau to have steak for lunch using healthy cooking methods.

He says a nutritionist will be there handing out recipes which will also help with budgeting to keep food costs down.

Mr Tamatea says even though they are cooking steak, that's optional, and whanau are welcome to bring in any other types of lean meat.

He says the plan is to encourage whanau to fill their plates with more vegetables, and cut down on meat - the most expensive part of a meal.

Turanga Health staff will use the event to check members of the public and their whanau are up to date with cardiovascular disease risk assessments.