11 Jun 2013

Multiple land ownership a future problem

6:42 am on 11 June 2013

A member of a review panel evaluating the Te Ture Whenua Maori Land Act, says one of the biggest issues facing shareholders is multiple land ownership.

In May last year the Government appointed an independent panel to meet with tribes around the country to develop new legislation and get feedback about the Act which has been in force for 20 years.

Toko Kapea who is a director at the Tuia Group, says as the years go on and new generations emerge, individual blocks of land will be split up as they are shared out among new descendants.

He said there are currently just under 3 million shareholders in Maori land - and that will keep increasing, resulting in blocks of land owned by multiple land trusts.

Mr Kapea said Maori shareholders need to begin discussions about whether that is sustainable and what other options there are to address the multiple ownership of land.

Written submissions are due this Friday 14 June. The government will consider its response in July.