14 Jun 2013

Maori encouraged to fight for children's education

8:35 am on 14 June 2013

The Minister of Education says Maori need to fight for their children's education, and not just for forestry and water rights.

Hekia Parata this week released national standard results, which for the first time included results for Maori medium schools, or Kura Kaupapa Maori.

The results showed Kura Kaupapa students were reading and writing at a higher level than Maori students in mainstream schools, but Maori were still behind overall.

In Te Reo Maori Hekia Parata challenges iwi who she says go to Wellington to fight for water, forestry and marine life rights.

"Iwi come to Wellington to fight for water and forestry and marine life, but I say to them, fight for your children and their education and support the schools in your region".

She says they should instead fight for their childrens' rights to education and support the schools in their regions.

Ms Parata says iwi need to support children to pursue and gain a better education.