26 Jul 2011

Anger likely at Waikato-Tainui parliament meeting

5:11 pm on 26 July 2011

Anger over accusations of financial mismanagement at the Hiona Marae is likely to spill over when the Waikato-Tainui parliament meets in August.

The meeting follows a complaint to police of mismanagement of funds for items such as fans, lights and housie sessions at the marae in the 1990s.

The complaint against Waikato-Tainui parliament chairperson Tania Martin was initiated by Robin Whanga and supported by the chairperson of Te Arataura, the tribal executive, Tukuroirangi Morgan.

However, police said there was no basis to justify an investigation and found no evidence to support any allegation of theft or fraud.

A founder of Hiona Marae, Roimata Katipa, says he suspects the complaint was an attempt to get Mrs Martin to step down as the chairperson of the parliament.

A spokesperson for Tania Martin, Chris Webster, says there is no doubt that the matter will reach the floor when the parliament, Te Kauhanganui, meets on 6 August.