15 Aug 2011

Veteran activist pays tribute to Sir Paul Reeves

7:23 pm on 15 August 2011

The veteran political activist, John Minto, has added his tribute to the many pouring in for former Governor General Sir Paul Reeves.

Mr Minto - who co-founded the Halt All Racist Tours group - says Sir Paul was on the group's mailing list from the early 1970s.

He says the Archbishop of New Zealand, as he was then, was not the sort to grab the megaphone, but he gave invaluable support to the anti-apartheid movement.

In the 80's, Mr Minto says. he would regularly turn up for the anti-tour marches and protests, lending his mana and integrity to the cause.

He says Sir Paul was acutely sensitive to racism, and went to South Africa to support Archbishop Desmond Tutu when he was unjustly tried by the apartheid regime for financial wrongdoing.