26 Aug 2011

Call for protection for land south of Ngunguru sandspit

9:16 pm on 26 August 2011

A Whangarei kuia says the Ngunguru sandspit may now be safe from development, but land south of the spit needs protection too.

Todd Properties has agreed to swap the spit for the old Napier hospital site.

Emma Cribb embraced Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson when she announced the deal in Ngunguru on Thursday.

However, Mrs Cribb says Todd Properties still owns the headland at the southern end of the spit including the important mountain, maunga Whakairiora.

She says she is hoping for another miracle like the one that has saved the spit itself from subdivision.

Part of the Ngunguru sandspit is an ancient burial ground which dates back to pre-European days.