27 Aug 2011

Waikato-Tainui parliament says Tuku can take seat

12:33 pm on 27 August 2011

The Waikato-Tainui parliament says its executive chair, Tukoroirangi Morgan, can take his usual place in the chamber on Sunday.

The parliament, Te Kauhanganui, claimed earlier this month it had expelled Mr Morgan for flouting its authority, and he was out of a job.

But the tribe's executive board, Te Arataura, re-affirmed Mr Morgan's leadership, saying parliament had misread the vote.

The chair of the parliament, Tania Martin, says she's received a formal notice of dispute from Te Arataura.

She says as a sign of good faith she will allow Mr Morgan to take his seat and vote as an elected member until the matter is resolved.

Mrs Martin has said previously the dispute may go to mediation, rather than court.