10 Oct 2011

Otago peak remains nameless - for now

7:00 pm on 10 October 2011

The Government has rejected a recommendation to call a nameless Central Otago peak, Te Kohua Peak.

The peak sits between The Remarkables and Hector Mountains.

The proposal to name it Te Kohua was put forward by a member of the public, endorsed by the Geographic Board, and strongly supported by Ngai Tahu.

But the suggestion has been turned down by the Land Information Minister, Maurice Williamson.

He says the consultation process has revealed a number of other unnamed geographic features in the area, which have generated different potential names and attracted various levels of support among local people.

Mr Williamson says he's asked the Board to consider working with the Central Otago District Council and Ngai Tahu on a set of proposals for names of physical features in the area.

The rejected term - Kohua - was the name of a three-legged iron pot, which was a gift from the explorer Nathanael Chalmers to Reko, a Ngai Tahu chief who guided the European through Central Otago in 1853.