18 Nov 2011

More choice in parties - but is it enough? - some ask

8:23 pm on 18 November 2011

Some people on the Maori roll are worried that, despite an extra party contesting the 26 November election, they're not getting enough benefit from the political system.

The Green, Maori, and Mana parties all have Maori leaders and kaupapa Maori-based policies.

In 2008 Keri Ratima, who works in the health sector, voted for the Green party but also supported the Maori party candidate in her electorate.

This year the Greens are still pleasing her but she has issues with the Maori party and how they have represented local Maori after the oil spill from the Rena container ship that grounded near Tauranga in early October.

A small business owner in Auckland, William Warahi, says suicide is one of the biggest issues facing Maori and he hasn't seen anything from any party to address this.

Some young voters, though, say they are not keeping up to date with current affairs at all.

They see they will be lucky to make it to the polling booth on election day.