25 Nov 2011

Maori and Mana parties lacking clarity, says academic

7:09 am on 25 November 2011

A Victoria University Maori Studies Senior Lecturer says there's been a lack of clarity from some political parties during the election campaign as to what their key policies are.

Maria Bargh says the Mana and Maori parties may have missed opportunities to reiterate bottom line policies, and their candidates haven't been consistent in relaying key messages to voters.

She says although parties with Maori candidates have been united on fighting poverty, the Green Party has mounted the most effective campaign.

Dr Bargh says the Greens have stuck to information which their candidates have promoted consistently and have been clear and specific about what they're going to do.

She says the Mana Party has been clear and easy to understand about lifting Maori people out of poverty, but some major parties, including the Maori Party, haven't been good at articulating what their specific policies are to deal with some issues.

Dr Bargh says some political newcomers probably don't have the experience to deliver clear messages about what their key policies are.