28 Nov 2011

Trust welcomes conviction for pa site damage

9:53 pm on 28 November 2011

Northland Historic Places Trust is satisfied with the outcome of a court case in Whangarei, in which a local businessman was convicted and fined $7000 for damaging an historic pa site.

Wayne Cowley pleaded guilty to illegally damaging an archaeological site at Whangarei heads by building a road over it.

The Historic Places Trust area manager, Stuart Park, says a substantial area of artefacts, middens, terraces and ditches was damaged. He says 200 square metres is a large area in terms of archaeological

"We're pleased that the court has convicted the defendant and levied a fine on him. That signals that the court sees the destruction of archaeological sites as being a significant loss of New Zealand's heritage."

Mr Park says in addition to the fine the defendant has to pay $1000 towards the Historic Places Trust's costs.