6 Dec 2011

Maori educator supports charter schools

7:27 pm on 6 December 2011

A Maori educator is supporting the Government's idea to trial so-called charter schools.

Charter schools get government funding - they're not allowed to charge fees, but like private schools they can set teacher pay and their own school day and year.

The schools are run by companies or non-profit organisations and the Government wants to trial them in South Auckland.

Auckland's Waipereira Trust says families in poor communities might benefit from the trial.

The co-ordinator of Te Kohanga and Kura Kaupapa o Mana Tamariki in Palmerston North, Tony Waho, says the idea has been used in the United States, and appears to be successful for students in poor areas.

He's sure the model would work here.

Mr Waho says he thinks chartered schools will help strip away the regulations around policies, staffing and unions, and instead allow schools to focus on outcomes for students.