13 Dec 2011

Charter schools may help Maori in future

6:38 am on 13 December 2011

A member of the Maori Economic Taskforce says charter schools may help Maori in the future, to have a greater presence in creating wealth for New Zealand.

The Government intends to set up the Government funded private schools in poor communities.

They won't be to able charge fees, but will be able as private schools do, set teachers pay and decide on the length of their own school day and year.

Ngahiwi Tomoana from the Taskforce, says Maori are not meeting their full potential in areas such as establishing small businesses.

He says that stems back to how Maori are being educated and the system needs a revamp.

Mr Tomoana suspects charter schools will help open the way, to finding different education models that suit the way Maori children learn.