31 Jan 2012

No Maori flag for Rotorua this year

6:44 am on 31 January 2012

A member of the Maori advisory group at Rotorua District Council says there will be no Maori flag flying alongside the New Zealand flag this Waitangi Day.

In 2011, the council's Te Arawa Standing Committee raised the idea of flying iwi and hapu flags alongside the national flag on the council building.

In October, it appeared a hui-a-iwi or tribal meeting had voted to fly the Tino Rangatiratanga flag.

But Deputy Mayor Trevor Maxwell, who is also a member of the Te Arawa committee, says some iwi descendants weren't happy with that idea.

Instead, he says, they wanted a tribal flag but could not decide which one.

Mr Maxwell says it was best to continue talks about which Maori flag should fly in future.