29 Feb 2012

Referendum shows more Maori voters want to keep MMP

7:19 pm on 29 February 2012

Results of the 2011 referendum on the future voting system for Members of Parliament, show that a much higher percent of Maori want to keep MMP compared with the rest of voters.

Of those on the general roll 57% opted for MMP as their preference, but in Maori electorates 82.7% support MMP.

The referendum was run in conjunction with last November's general election, to gauge whether voters wish to retain mixed member proportional voting, go back to first past the post or look at other voting systems.

The Electoral Commission says the results have triggered an independent review of MMP, in which voters can make submissions on any changes they would like to see made to the way MMP works.

Public submissions close at the end of May, with a final report presented to the Minister of Justice on 31 October.