9 Apr 2012

Mubarak's former spy boss runs for Egypt president

3:56 pm on 9 April 2012

The former spy chief of Egypt's former ousted President Hosni Mubarak has formally entered the race to become Egypt's next head of state.

Omar Suleiman has submitted nomination papers for the forthcoming presidential election.

The move has prompted speculation he will have the support of the country's ruling generals, the BBC reports.

Mr Suleiman's papers were handed in just half an hour before nominations closed.

According to election officials, 23 candidates have registered to run for president, each hoping to become the first to fill the role since Mr Mubarak was forced from office last year.

The Muslim Brotherhood's candidate, Khairat al-Shater, says Mr Suleiman's nomination is an insult to the Egyptian people.

He says his rival can only win by forgery and if he does the Egyptian revolution will begin again.