15 Apr 2012

Spitfires buried in Myanmar could be uncovered

2:58 pm on 15 April 2012

British and Myanmar authorities could work together to find 20 Spitfire fighter planes buried in Myanmar at the end of the World War II, officials say.

The Spitfires, unused and still to be assembled, were buried in their crates by the RAF amid fears that they could either be used or destroyed by foreign forces, the BBC reports.

It has been reported that experts from Leeds University and an academic based in Yangon believe they may have identified the sites where the craft are concealed using sophisticated radar techniques.

The fate of the missing planes was raised in talks between British Prime Minister David Cameron and Myanmar's President Thien Sein.

A British government official said it was hoped this would be an opportunity to work with Myanmar authorities to uncover and restore the planes.

Only about 35 Spitfires worldwide are believed to be in flying condition today.