24 Apr 2012

Norway killer says he hoped to have massacred more

6:44 am on 24 April 2012

Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik has told his trial he had hoped to kill as many as 150 people, and had kept on killing because police failed to respond urgently to his phone call.

Breivik has admitted killing eight people in a bomb blast in Oslo and 69 young people at a summer camp on Utoeya Island on 22 July last year.

He said on Monday his actions were a "minor barbarity to prevent a larger one" of what he said would be civil war caused by a Muslim takeover of Europe.

Breivik said he called police to surrender, only to find himself forced to leave a message. He said police did not call him back and he said he was thinking "I will continue until I die".

Before the trial, one court-appointed team of psychiatrists concluded that Breivik was psychotic while a second found him mentally capable.

If he is deemed sane, as he hopes to be, he could face a 21-year prison sentence with indefinite extensions for as long as he is considered dangerous.