4 May 2012

UK local elections: swing to Labour

9:43 pm on 4 May 2012

The British Labour party is on course to make big gains from the ruling Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in local elections there, the BBC reports.

With results declared in more than half of the local councils being contested across the country, the opposition Labour Party had gained 457 council seats while the Conservatives had lost 274 and the Liberal Democrats 127.

According to a BBC projection, this would amount to a 39 percent share of the national vote for Labour, up 3 points since the last local elections in 2008 when they were in government and fared very badly.

The Conservatives were seen as being down 4 points on 31 percent, with the Lib Dems unchanged at 16 percent.

The anti-European federalism UK Independence Party is also faring well, boosting its vote by 5% mainly at the expense of the Conservatives.