20 Aug 2012

Anti-Japanese protests in China

5:58 am on 20 August 2012

Anti-Japanese protests have taken across China, after Japanese nationalists raised the flag of Japan on disputed islands in the East China Sea.

Ten nationalists made an unauthorised landing on Sunday morning on Uotsuri, the largest in a small archipelago known in Japan as the Senkaku Islands and in China as the Diaoyu Islands.

Thousands of people waving Chinese flags took to the streets in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and a number of other cities demanding that Japan leave the islands.

Hong Kong Cable TV showed Japanese cars and restaurants being damaged. The BBC reports images of the Japanese flag were burned and Japan's claims over the islands denounced.

China claims the islands have been a part of its territory since ancient times, but Japan says it took control of the archipelago in the late 1890s after making sure they were uninhabited.

Taiwan also claims the islands.