10 Sep 2012

Another anti-austerity protest in Greece

1:12 pm on 10 September 2012

About 15,000 trade union members in Greece marched at a fair on Saturday in the northern city of Thessaloniki to protest against a new round of austerity cuts. More protests are expected in the coming days.

EU and IMF inspectors arrived in Athens on Friday to review Greece's reform progress.

Deutsche Welle reports the demonstrators believe Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is leading Greece to its doom.

Some European Union flags were burned and watermelons and peaches were thrown in support of farmers, but the event otherwise passed off without incident as 3500 policemen looked on.

A new austerity programme has to be finalised within days to save 11.5 billion euros in 2013 and 2014.

The government is trying to obtain two more years to implement the cuts because it says the economy will contract by more than 7% this year.