17 Sep 2012

Hillsborough families to request new inquests

10:43 pm on 17 September 2012

Families of those killed in the Hillsborough football stadium disaster in Britain are to demand new inquests into the 96 deaths.

They are also calling for an immediate criminal investigation in the light of findings that the police tried to cover up their failings in the aftermath of the 1989 tragedy, AFP reports.

The moves come after the release of newly published files revealing the police covered up their failings and tried to blame fans for the tragedy.

Trevor Hicks, whose two teenage daughters were among those crushed to death in a trapped crowd of fans, says what happened at Hillsborough was a disgrace and it's important for society not to let it rest.

An independent report has found senior police officers altered 164 police statements and removed comments perceived as unfavourable to them.

The report also says 41 of those who died might have survived if the emergency services' response had been better co-ordinated.