28 Oct 2012

Milk carton symbols being investigated

7:51 am on 28 October 2012

A Russian anti-gay group has asked prosecutors in St Petersburg to investigate milk cartons that it claims promote homosexuality to children.

The label of Vesyoly Molochnik milk, owned by Pepsi Co, is adorned with a jolly milkman and a rainbow in the sky.

Anatoly Artukh from the People's Council said the label is a violation of an anti-gay propaganda law in St Petersburg.

The ABC reports prosecutors are now investigating if the label is attempting to promote homosexuality to youth, as Mr Artukh claims.

Coming Out advocacy group director Polina Savchenko said it is another sign of the atmosphere in the city since the passage of the anti-gay propaganda law in November.

"You know, it could be funny,'' she said. ''It's so ridiculous, and so middle-aged, that it could be funny. But unfortunately it's not funny because we know that they're serious."

"People are afraid. And this is actually the bottom line of what the effect, the grave effect of this law is," she said.