30 Oct 2012

Obesity now 63% in Australia

5:43 am on 30 October 2012

New figures classify 63% of Australians as overweight or obese.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has issued the first results from its most comprehensive study of the health of Australians.

Researchers found 67% of people do little or no exercise.

Arthritis was the most common long-term health condition, with more than three million affected.

The ABC reports this was followed closely by the 3 million people who deal with a mental or behavioural condition each day.

Only 5.6% of adults had an adequate daily intake of fruit and vegetables. That number sky-rocketed to 95% to children under 11.

The ABS defined a serve of vegies as half a cup of cooked vegetables or a potato, and a serve of fruit as one medium piece of fruit.

The number of people smoking is in decline, but 2.8 million people still continue to smoke every day.

The average man was 175.6cm tall and the average woman was 161.8cm tall.