3 Nov 2012

Tina Turner songs used to scare birds

12:02 pm on 3 November 2012

s] Operators of a UK airport are playing Tina Turner songs at high volume to scare away birds from the runway.

An airport in central England has started playing Tina Turner songs at high volume after discovering the distinctive sound of the powerful diva effectively deters birds from the runway.

The songs, including Simply The Best and What's Love Got To Do With It, blare from a loudspeaker mounted on a van which is driven up and down the airstrip at Gloucestershire Airport, AAP reports.

"Normally we use the speakers to play bird-distress calls. But when they stopped working properly we found we could use Tina Turner just as effectively," head of airport operations Darren Lewington told British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

Without deterrents, it is feared aircraft could be hit by crows or gulls.