4 Nov 2012

Cuba's leader says Santiago 'hard hit' by Sandy

9:57 pm on 4 November 2012

Ten days after Hurricane Sandy hit Cuba, the authorities have been unable to restore power fully in the island's second city - Santiago.

More than 300 teams are on the ground working to re-erect thousands of electricity pylons.

President Raul Castro said Santiago looked like it had been bombed.

He urged those affected not to lose hope and said that no one would be left destitute, but that the government would have to weigh up each case.

The BBC reports schools are expected to re-open this week.

Eleven people were killed and almost 200,000 houses were damaged by the powerful storm.

In nearby Haiti - a country that still hasn't recovered from a devastating earthquake two years ago - Sandy killed at least 54 people and caused extensive damage to agriculture.

There are also reports of renewed outbreaks of cholera in Haiti.