8 Nov 2012

New storm batters New York and New Jersey

10:55 pm on 8 November 2012

Tens of thousands of residents in New York and New Jersey have again lost power as a winter storm hit areas still recovering from Sandy's devastating impact.

People were again forced to leave their homes and public transport was affected as winds gusted at up to 100km/h, bringing down trees and power lines on Wednesday, the BBC reports.

New Jersey state governor Chris Christie said: "I am waiting for the locusts and pestilence next."

Power companies in the states report more than 100,000 customers suffered power outages. Some 650,000 buildings were already without power one week after super-storm Sandy struck, killing more than 100 people.

But the damage from the latest storm, a northeaster, was less than had been feared.

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg said low-lying areas had not been flooded at high tide on Wednesday afternoon.

But Mr Bloomberg said he was still concerned about the security of those areas where flood defences had not yet been repaired.

He has closed parks and beaches and temporarily halted outdoor construction.