12 Nov 2012

Woman target of emails in Petraeus saga named

11:07 pm on 12 November 2012

The woman who was the target of harassing emails from the lover of former CIA director David Petraeus has been named as Jill Kelley.

The FBI launched an inquiry after Ms Kelley said she had received vicious emails from Mr Petraeus' biographer Paula Broadwell.

The checks revealed the affair and led to Mr Petraeus' resignation.

Politicians now want to know why they were not told about the affair sooner, with one even suggesting a cover-up.

Mr Petraeus, the 60-year-old four-star general, described his behaviour as "unacceptable" for the CIA's leader, the BBC reports.

There is no suggestion that Mrs Kelley, who works as an unpaid social liaison at a military base in Tampa, has had an affair with the former CIA boss.

In a statement, Mrs Kelley and her husband acknowledged their friendship with Mr Petraeus and asked for privacy.

Mr Petraeus was forced to resign last week, although US officials said the FBI had begun an inquiry into Mrs Broadwell, 40, several months ago.