14 Nov 2012

Victoria intends to prohibit criminal bikie gangs

3:45 pm on 14 November 2012

The government in Victoria has moved to outlaw criminal bikie gangs with new legislation introduced into the state parliament.

AAP reports the legislation introduced would give police the power to apply to the Supreme Court to order criminal bikie gangs and other gangs to be declared banned.

Once an organisation is declared illegal, the court can then make control orders banning members of that group from associating or participating in gang activities, including riding together and wearing their club colours and emblems.

Attorney-General Robert Clark says the legislation also allows for control orders in other states to be enforceable in Victoria.

"It's important that these gangs are not able to simply shift their operation from one jurisdiction to another," he says.

AAP reports individuals who breach a control order will face up to five years in prison. Organisations can be fined up to $A400,000 and have their assets confiscated.

The state government hopes to have the legislation passed by parliament before Christmas. AAP reports it plans to introduce more bills to allow police to remove gang fortifications early next year.