23 Nov 2012

Mums still slave away for grown kids

1:19 pm on 23 November 2012

Research from the University of NSW shows young adults living at their parents' homes rely heavily on their mothers to do the housework.

Associate Professor Lyn Craig and Dr Abigail Powell used data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to compare domestic work done by 5512 people aged between 15 - 34 living at home with that of their parents.

AAP reports she found 97% of mothers did daily housework, compared with 81% of fathers.

Young women, at 74%, contributed far more than young males, with only 54% of them helping out with household chores.

However, AAP reports young men seem to start pulling a bit more of their weight once they turn 25.

"Our findings show that young people do not become less of a burden to their parents domestically as they get older," Professor Craig said.