27 Nov 2012

Egypt's president moves towards compromise

9:52 am on 27 November 2012

Egypt's president has agreed that only his decisions related to "sovereign" matters would be protected from judicial review, indicating he had accepted a compromise to try to defuse a crisis.

President Mohamed Mursi had enraged opponents with a decree on Thursday that expanded his powers and put any decision he took until parliament was in place beyond legal oversight.

Senior judges proposed he limit that to sovereign matters, Reuters reports.

The president also reiterated the decree was temporary and would end when a new constitution was in place and a new parliament elected.

Islamists call off strike

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's main Islamist party, has called off a mass protest in Cairo over the decree issued by the president.

The party said it would not hold the rally it had planned for Tuesday in Cairo in the interest of preventing violence.

Parties opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood and the president have called a protest in Cairo to demonstrate against the decree. Mr Mursi was propelled to power by the Muslim Brotherhood.