29 Nov 2012

Three arrested after fatal fire

6:03 am on 29 November 2012

Police in Bangladesh have arrested three supervisors of a clothes factory in which more than 100 people died during a fire on Saturday night.

Some reports say they had not allowed people to leave the building, saying it was just a fire drill.

Government officials say preliminary information suggests the fire was an act of sabotage. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has told parliament it was pre-planned.

The BBC reports two inquiries have begun.

On Tuesday, Bangladesh declared a day of mourning for the dead. Many factories declared a holiday on Wednesday fearing large-scale labour unrest.

The burnt-out nine-storey factory supplied clothes to a variety of international brands.

The clothing industry is the backbone of the Bangladeshi economy. Exports last year alone were worth more than $US19 billionn (£12bn).

However, fatal fires are common in the garment sector: lax safety standards, poor wiring and overcrowding blamed