9 Dec 2012

New form of goal-line technology tested by FIFA

7:23 am on 9 December 2012

FIFA has tested a new form of goal-line technology in Japan. But there were no close calls to be made by the system which is one of two on trial.

Sanfrecce Hiroshima played Auckland City in the opening match of the Club World Cup tournament Thursday. Sanfrecce Hiroshima won 1-0.

The GoalRef magnetic field system is is being used for four of the Cup's eight games at Yokohama International Stadium, which hosted the 2002 World Cup final. GoalRef uses a ball fitted with a chip.

Hawkeye will be tested at the competition's other matches in Toyota. It uses cameras to track a ball's position and trajectory, and is already used in tennis and cricket.

Results from the trials will be announced next year and one of the systems will be picked for the Confederations Cup in Brazil.